Kenan & Kel Reunited on ‘The Tonight Show’ and It Was EVERYTHING

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Kenan & Kel reunited

Our beloved Kenan & Kel REUNITED! As the host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has become a powerful man. So powerful in fact, he made one of the greatest television reunions happen last night. After 10 years apart (at least on screen that is) Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, better known as Kenan & Kel, reunited at Good Burger.


Any self-respecting ’90s kid knows these two from their days on All That and their spin-off show, so aptly titled Kenan & Kel. Obviously this incredible Good Burger sketch was so popular back in the day, the boys even got their own movie (Good Burger…they were very creative with the names in the ’90s). Jimmy Fallon is clearly just as big of a Kenan & Kel fan as the rest of us, because he did this reunion sketch right. This wasn’t a sketch based off of the movie. He was throwing it all the way back to their All That days.

Our favorite construction man, Lester Oaks, was back in action, just like the good ol’ days:


And our favorite ’90s song was sung:

Kenan & Kel

We can only assume that Jimmy Fallon probably loved All That just as much as we did and has spent these last 10 years wishing Kenan & Kel would team up again.

Watch the entire “Good Burger” sketch here:

Hopefully we can expect more from Kenan & Kel in the future!

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