Kevin Bacon Teams with ‘Vampire Diaries’ EP for New Fox Series

Kevin BaconThe omnipresent Kevin Bacon will be returning to his 1980s roots. No, not the “bringing music back to Midwestern towns” thing. Kenny Wormald did what he could with that. I’m talking about television. Bacon, whose last regular stint on a TV series was on Guiding Light, has been cast to star in a new drama for Fox, created by screenwriter Kevin Williamson. You might recognize Williamson’s name: he serves as executive producer and writer on The Vampire Diaries and wrote Scream, which starred Neve Campbell, who was in Wild Things with…well, you know. And there it is: the Bacon connection in six degrees or less.

Bacon is signed on for a 15-episode season of the new series, which is still untitled. The premise will focus on an FBI agent (Bacon) who is investigating a tech-savvy serial killer who, in Charles Manson fashion, aims to recruit a massive cult of murderes to join his movement.

Williamson wrote the pilot episode of this new show, which will be directed by Marcos Siega, who directed several episodes of Dexter and The Vampire Diaries.

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Source: Deadline