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Kevin Hart’s stand-up special is 2020’s most-streamed on Netflix

Kevin Hart’s latest comedy special has been crowned Netflix’s most popular of 2020.

Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given, which was recorded from the funnyman’s Los Angeles living room in September, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, has been streamed by more than 21 million users in the four weeks since its premiere on November 17th, according to Netflix bosses.

It marks the first time they have released such details for an exclusive comedy special, with each view counted as a user who chooses to watch a title for at least two minutes – indicating the pick was intentional.

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Netflix chiefs haven’t shared data on any other stand-up specials to debut this year, but Hart is grateful for the overwhelming support from his fans.

Taking to Instagram to celebrate the achievement, he wrote, “I can’t say this enough….I love & appreciate my fans so d**n much. You guys are unbelievable….

“Still can’t believe that me & my team pulled this off. I try my hardest to constantly push the creative on the things that I do. Dropping a special in the middle of a pandemic was a crazy idea…. thank you to my amazing partners @netflix & @netflixisajoke ….

“over 21million global views in the first month on the platform. Holy s**t….the numbers are insane. Once again thank you guys for all of the support (sic)”.

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