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Kim Kardashian’s Robbers Planned to Attack During Previous Paris trip


The armed robbers who attacked Kim Kardashian in Paris last year (16) previously scrapped plans to target the reality star after discovering she was traveling with her husband Kanye West.

The mother-of-two was bound, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint in October (16) when a group of masked men stormed her private hotel suite in the French capital and stole millions of dollars’ worth of jewellery and electronics.

Police officials have since charged 10 suspects in connection to the crime, and during their investigation, it was revealed the same gang had planned to pull off the robbery during one of Kim’s earlier visits to Paris, but called off the raid when it became clear she wouldn’t be alone.

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Kim learned of the prior plans during her meeting with French prosecutors and a judge in New York in February (17), when she gave them her side of the story, and she later shared the information with her mother, Kris Jenner, in scenes filmed for their family reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In a preview of this weekend’s (14May17) episode, Kim talks her mum through the process of her testimony, which lasted eight hours.

“So they showed me pictures of all of them (robbers)…,” she explains. “I think it was really interesting to see the faces of everyone – just by their height and weight, I could tell who from this line-up was in the room with me (at the time of the heist). I was able to see who confessed… They were pretty honest and did tell most of the story exactly how it happened.”

She continues, “It’s really interesting to see what their side of the story is. And to hear the background information of how they had been following me, and how they attempted to rob me the last time I was in Paris but my husband was with me.”

Kim, 36, did not share exactly when her previous visit to Paris with Kanye had taken place in the teaser footage.

The revelation emerges after Kim admitted the terrifying ordeal had left her with trust issues which makes her constantly feel “on edge”.

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During last weekend’s (07May17) episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she said of the attack, “It definitely opened up my eyes to a whole different world that I can’t erase – I can’t go backwards. Life is always going to be different. Now I just have to be super aware of everything that I do and who I share it with.”

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