‘American Idol’ Runner-Up Kree Harrison Just Wants to Make a Record

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Regardless of who won American Idol on Thursday night, both finalists — Kree Harrison and Candice Glover — were excited to have made it to the grand finale at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. “I feel like I already have [won],” Harrison told Hollywood.com before the show. After her loss, she was just as gracious. “I’m so proud of her and I am proud of myself for getting this far,” she says, “I couldn’t believe I was standing there with her at the finale.”

Even though she didn’t win, Harrison says she had the time of her life. “Honestly, the whole night was magical for me and Candice,” she says. “We kept looking at each other asking, ‘What are we doing?’ The fact that I kept looking down and seeing my whole family — my brother is here tonight — I felt so relieved to have the support that I have had. I couldn’t possibly just pick one moment [as my favorite].”

Besides — she still (probably) gets to fulfill her dream. “I just want to make a record,” she says. “That’s all I ever wanted to do.”

No surprises here, the Nashville resident plans to channel her country twang into her future album. “It’s definitely going to be country, for sure,” she says. “I want to be country. I can’t believe I get to go and make that now. I really don’t want to put myself in a box now, but whatever it is will be Kree.”

If she’s lucky, her Idol duet partner, judge Keith Urban, will join her. “He’s a fellow country artist and it would be awesome to have a collaboration,” she says. “I had so much fun singing with him.”

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