Kristen Wiig Plays JoJo From ‘The Bachelorette’ In Hilarious ‘Tonight Show’ Interview

Kristen Wiig impressions on The Tonight Show are a delightful tradition. The 42-year-old actress has impersonated Michael Jordan, Harry Styles and Game Of Thrones’ Khaleesi. This time, Wiig appeared on the talk show as JoJo Fletcher from The Bachelorette, but it seemed like the actress hadn’t watched a single episode of the series. The results are absolutely hysterical.

Wiig looks confused as she first takes a seat next to Jimmy Fallon. She seems a bit unsure of what to say and remarks that her gold sequined gown is just something she threw on. She explains that her name is short for Jo Josephina and that she refuses to watch Star Wars movies because she’s very anti wars in space. “I will never see a Star Wars movie. I am against any type of war in space,” she says. “I’ve talked about that. I’ve been pretty open about that.”

Despite Jojo’s skewed space politics, she does reveal some juicy tidbits about the inner-workings of The Bachelorette. We finally get to find out what happens in the fantasy suite, which is pretty much just what everyone expected. “The fantasy suite — that’s where I go on dates, and we close the door. Sometimes we kiss a little. Sometimes we’ll rub each other. It’s a show, so we have to pretend, but sometimes we go all the way. Just so people know,” says Wiig between intermittent giggles.

In the final episode of the 20th season of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins chose Lauren Bushnell over Jojo. Fallon gave Wiig a chance to tell Higgins what was really on her mind. She revealed that they don’t talk because he’s secretly married and no one is supposed to know (in actuality, he isn’t).  She then leaves him with one final screw you (sort of).

“Ben, you know we went through a lot, and you promised me things,” Wiig said. “I just feel hurt. And look at me now!”

Look at you now Wiig! Fallon then shows a clip of Ghostbusters because that’s what Wiig was there to promote, after all. They sing a hilarious, improved song about The Bachelorette and Ghostbusters, and the interview with Jojo is finished.

Ghostbusters hits theaters on Friday, and if it’s any bit as funny as Wiig’s interview, we’re sold!