Late Night Last Night: James Franco Likes to Look for ‘Big Booties’ in His Downtime?

James Franco

So much for James Franco‘s wholesome character in the sweet Disney movie, Oz the Great and Powerful. In his most recent film, Spring Breakers, Franco drops the nice act and morphs into rapping and drug-dealing thug named Alien. But while Franco loved playing Alien — who is best known for his arsenal of drugs, sexual exploits with guns and multiple women, AND his distinctive cornrows and grill — he shot down the rumors Monday night that he spent the whole time on and off set in character.

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“I can’t take the cornrows out,” Franco told David Letterman. “I have to keep the cornrows in. So I guess if that means I stayed in character when the camera stopped rolling, all right. But I didn’t drive around St. Petersburg, Florida saying, ‘Let’s get some big booties or deal drugs.'” No, not Mr. Franco — he just went back to his hotel and read books.

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