Late Night Last Night: Susan Sarandon’s Dogs Fight Over Justin Bieber

Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

There’s something to be said about the jealousy of dogs. If there is more than one dog in a household, there is most likely an aggressor, a leader of the pack. The dominant dog loves to be the center of his or her owner’s attention and can’t stand it when the other dogs invade on this territory. Well, Thursday night, Susan Sarandon thought it would be a grand idea to bring her two dogs, Rigby and Penny, to visit Jimmy Fallon — and in the middle of her interview, the two little pets went at it.

Sarandon was in the middle of a joke about Justin Bieber being subpar at ping pong (the conversation was sparked by the news that police invaded Bieber’s tour bus in Sweden this week and discovered a small amount of drugs), when Fallon decided to offer the actress’ dogs a few toys. When one dog brought a toy over to Sarandon, upon whose lap the other dog that had been sitting, the stage erupted in a canine freak out. After that, it became clear which pet is the more dominant animal.

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