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Latest ‘Bachelor’ Romance Already Over

The finale of ABC’s latest installment of The Bachelor just aired last week, but the romance between Dr. Travis Stork, an emergency room physician, and Sarah Stone, an elementary school teacher, is already history.

The latest version of the reality show was set in Paris, France, and deployed 25 women to vie for Stork’s affections during a series of glamorous dates in the romantic city.

In a joint interview with The Tennessean newspaper Monday, the pair admitted that they are no longer a couple.

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The show prohibited the couple from dating or being together in public between the end of the show’s taping in November and the final episode which aired Feb. 27.

Stork explains, “You’re in Paris and you’re part of this incredible experience, this fantasy world, and then suddenly you come back to Nashville (Tennessee), and living in the same city.

“I think we thought that was going to be a great thing. But instead you’re forced to pretend you don’t know someone, for essentially the last four months.

“And now that we’re back in Nashville, over time when you’re not allowed to see someone you grown apart.”

Both parties remain single and unattached and say they have no regrets about doing the show.

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