Linda Belcher V. Lois Griffin: Which Cartoon Mom Do You Secretly Want For Your Own?

Linda Belcher and Lois GriffinFOX

There’s nothing like a TV mom, right? Claire Huxtable, Edith Bunker, Roseanne, Morticia Adams (yup) — they’re all pretty special and we all kind of want them for our own. Heck, even the cartoon moms are awesome! And two of the awesomest cartoon moms of all time have to be Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers and Lois Griffin from Family Guy. So let’s just say, for whatever reason, you get transported to the cartoon universe and you have to choose between joining the Belcher family and the Griffins. Which cartoon mom do you want for your own? No worries — we’re here to help you make this totally, ridiculous, hypothetical choice right now. 

Linda Belcher V. Lois Griffin — Who’d You Rather [For Your Mom]?

Team Linda

She throws a mean slumber party and she’ll totally sell your Dad’s new espresso machine to get you into the phony baseball camp of your dreams. She is everything. Plus, she looks like a real, live mom. Not especially sexy, not trying to be. She’s annoying and loveable and everything you probably already have in a mom if your mom is the perfect balance between annoying and loveable. Plus, she had a porcelain doll addiction that just wouldn’t quit. Amazing.

Team Lois

Even Stewie (secretly) loves her, and he pretty much hates everyone (except Brian). Lois is awesome — gorgeous, smart, and she has a wide range of life experiences that we could all learn from. She’s been a stay-at-home mom, a working mom (she was a flight attendant for that one week), she’s tried meth, and she even slept with former President of the United States Bill Clinton. Actually, she’s a total sex pistol — it’s crazy. Plus, remember that one episode where she helped Meg get revenge against Connie D’Amico? Nobody ever helps Meg! That was super sweet.

I know, it’s still hard to choose. These moms are completely different, but we can’t help but have a little more love for Linda. Let’s face it — Lois is just way too hot. Stewie’s mom has got it goin’ on and if you were actually her child it’d probably be weird. Then again, it would be fun to borrow her clothes once you hit your teens. Yeah. She’d be great for that.