Lorena Bobbitt Speaks In Trailer For ‘Lorena’ Series



Depending on your age, the name Lorena Bobbitt may or may not ring a bell for you.

Her case most certainly will.

In 1993 Lorena Bobbitt cut off the penis of her sleeping husband John Wayne Bobbitt. She cut it off and took it with her throwing it off to the side of the road. Instantly their case became a cultural phenomenon, everyone wanted to know more. There were two sides, either people thought that Lorena was a crazy bi*ch or the other side that was with her, understanding her pain, and wishing they had the guts to do the same. There were two people involved and one had to be the villain and the crowds chose.

Well, now you have your chance to look back at the preceding and see what would bring a woman to this length to do what she did. There’s apparently a lot to this, and even if you followed back in the day, this doc series will bring more information to the table. If that’s not enough, you can hear from John Wayne Bobbitt as well as for the first time on camera, Lorena Bobbitt.


‘Lorena’ is a 4 episode Amazon series beginning February 15, 2019.