‘Lost Girl’ Recap: Una Mens Warehouse

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Last week, Bo got the mother of all emotional smack-downs by the Una Mens. She found out that despite her reputation as the unaligned succubus she’s now Dark Fae. It seems fitting, after all, Aife and Tamsin are dark and Evony the Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) is more compelling than any Light Fae leader has ever been. They also seem to have more of a sense of humor. In their waiting room, every call number is 69.

As usual, Bo misguidedly tries to soul-swallow the Una Mens and fails. They make it clear that Lauren and Kenzi will die. It seems weird that Bo can sometimes go super succubus and steal chi from a group of people but is unable to handle the Una Mens. Later, Trick gets summoned before them. It’s exposition time! The Una Mens is a group of powerful Fae that ate some gnarly Mexican jumping beans and became a group mind. They combined souls and enforcing all of the rules Trick wrote when he was Blood King. The clincher is they’ve lost all emotion. Trick was supposed to join them in drinking the Kool-Aid because he became corrupt. However, it would give them absolute power. He brings a knife and is ready to strike but, instead, they make him acting Ash.

Bo tries to track down Vex in hopes of finding out how she was drafted into the Dark. However, big reveal! Evony is back to leading the Dark Fae. She insists Bo attend a Dark Fae party if she wants answers. Tamsin, Kenzi, and Bo all show up to the party. Tamsin and Kenzi stumble upon Bruce, Evony’s former bodyguard. Last season, he helped Kenzi escape and they had tons of comedic chemistry. Now, he’s a slave of a Dark Fae. Kenzi convinces Tamsin to step in and claim him. She may be super powerful but she’s still sorta child-like. Case-in-point, Tamsin chooses a dance battle as the mode of combat against Bruce’s owner. Conveniently, this Fae is a break-dancer. Luckily after some stage-mom coaching by Kenzi, Tamsin twerks and uses her Valkyrie powers to make the Fae face plant and die.

At the party, Evony tells Bo that she needs Vex in order to have any hopes of reversing her Dark Fae-dom. But she also shows off the fact that #bigreveal Lauren is back. The person behind the door, last episode, was Evony. Bo, Lauren, and a Scavenger Fae

Named Pietra (Samantha Espie) go hunt for Vex. If you’ve ever wondered what the love child of Melissa McCarthy and Halfrek from Buffy the Vampire Slayer would look like your prayers have been answered. Bo tries to trap Vex but gets outsmarted and incapacitated.

The Una Mens poisoned his hand. He has the bright idea of hiding out in Dyson’s new boxing gym. He wants to cut his hand off and get out of dodge. Bo spends her drunken haze happy that she and Lauren are back together. Vex tells Bo she’s been played and that Evony has a historian that could have helped all along. Bo confronts Evony and finds out the mysterious Rainer was her sponsor.

On relationship island, Bo seems thrilled to have Lauren back. But Lauren reveals that she’s stuck with the dark and is actually happy about it. The dark sought her out and offer her shelter so she’s happy to be with them. Then Bo finds out that Trick is the new Ash. It looks like Bo’s new lifestyle choice will cause major friction in her relationships.

Morri-grand Lines from This Episode

“Buddy, this is my town. If anyone is taking a leave, it’s you and your circle jerk of doom.” –Bo to the Una Mens

“Dismissing the food kind of gauche now.” –Evony’s ettiquitte

“You’re a luscious succubus whose true nature is to feed off of humans… just like all of us Fae. You choose not to. Lame. But, whatevs.” You’ve got great hair. –Evony keeping it light

“Boring! What are you going to do next, braid each other’s hair? Scissor already!” –Evony catching Lauren and Bo in action

“There is one thing you might consider wearing for once… a smile.” –Evony staying positive


Bruce looks like great BFF material for Kenzi. Is their bizarre big guy/little gal chemistry a sign he might be competition for Hale?

Evony is too amazing to not become a more major part of the show. It looks like Bo might be Dark for a while. Plus, that will complicate the epic Lauren/Dyson triangle. Dyson is Light but Lauren wants to chill with the Dark Fae.

This crazy cocoa bean that Trick didn’t swallow will come into play because he didn’t swallow it and it goes missing.