‘Lost Girl’ Recap: Morrigan Dearest

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Lost Girl’s creators are pulling no punches with WTF moments. If you’re still reeling from losing Hale last episode, you should prepare yourself for more shock and awe succubus style. This episode ties up a few loose ends that have been looming around all season in one epic package. What did Lauren do with Evony’s DNA? Who took the Una Mens seed? What will happen to Kenzi and Bo now that Hale is gone?


The episode begins at Hale’s funeral with Dyson giving a eulogy. Kenzi is miserable and Bo tries to make her feel better. But how can you help someone when they’ve lost the love of their life? Their tender moment is ruined by a random warrior that shows up promising fealty to her queen: Bo. Can Kenzi catch a break? This season has felt like Bo constantly doing her own thing and leaving Kenzi to deal with problems on her own. After all, did we forget that the Dark and the Una Mens wanted to kill Kenzi?

Kenzi convinces Bo to promise she will kill Massimo. They go with Dyson to Massimo’s lair. However, he convinces everyone he has a major prophecy about Rainer. Apparently, Rainer is cursed to die. He also convinces Dyson to take him to Trick. Kenzi refuses to accept that Massimo is getting a reprieve. She asks Vex for help in killing him. Vex agrees. However, things change when they arrive at Massimo’s lair.

Vex betrays Kenzi because Massimo’s mother abandoned him. Apparently, Vex gave his blood oath to be Massimo’s guardian. Talk about deep secrets! It seems strange for someone so savage to have a soft spot for Massimo. However, Massimo gets a call from his mother and leaves. Kenzi ends up back at home and just flat out asks Bo to unclaim her. Maybe she can leave this whole Fae world of drama.

Bo and Rainer

Bo’s crazy stalker, Rosette, is one of Rainer’s soldiers. She has promised her featly to Bo because apparently Bo is The Queen. Sort of in the same way that Neo is The One in The Matrix. Apparently, there is a prophesy involving Bo, Rainer, and the Pyripuss. Everything that has happened to this point is a sign. Rainer is cursed and there is a second curse. There is also some strange horse worshipping lady cult.

This prophecy stuff is sort of sloppy. It’s 85 percent clear that Rainer is not Bo’s father and therefore not the big bad. Dyson brings one of Hale’s heirlooms to Bo. It reveals some secrets about the prophesy. Bo, Rainer, and Rosette misguidedly storm the horse lady cult. They hear something about hand fasting from a dying priestess. Rosette convinces Bo to marry Rainer to keep him from dying and break the curse. Why is Bo still listening to total strangers? This constant betrayal thing is getting old. Shocker! Rosette was lying and their marriage will free the Pyripuss. He’s a villain so badass he sets Rosette on fire remotely. Talk about telecommuting.

Lauren and Evony

Lauren and the Morrigan have the best storyline of the episode and possibly the season. Team Lorrigan! Lauren is snooping in the dark archives and finds some information about the prophesy and she also overhears The Morrigan and Trick discussing Rainer. Lauren tries to share the information with Bo who basically brings the verbal smackdown. Sadly, it seems like they are over and their issues are not going to be so quickly resolved. Although, weren’t they together before Rainer showed up? We smell a plot hole.

Bo shows up at the Morrigan’s lair in lingerie. They get all kinds of freaky. But suddenly, Evony starts to perspire which is not normal because she’s a super Fae. It turns out she’s been transformed into a human. Holy smite! Lauren used her DNA to develop a serum that she hid in a special place. She even punches The Morrigan when she gets sassy.

Big reveal! The Morrigan is Massimo’s mother. She calls him to try and undo Lauren’s treachery. But Massimo goes all Norman Bates on everyone. He brings the origin seed. He’s the one who stole the Una Mens seed. He eats it and collapses. What will happen to him, the Morrigan, and Lauren?

Succu-Best Lines of the Night

“You could sell diapers to a Sumo.” – Evony on Lauren’s charm

“I don’t need to claim your clam to claim you.” – Evony putting it plainly for Lauren

“So what should we do, darling? My vote: we get rip-roaring drunk and settle into a stack of something, I don’t know, Rachel McAddamsy.” – Vex trying to make Kenzi feel better

“I bought you your own shop of herbal Druidic s**t, and still you’re nothing but aggro, you little Muppet.” – Vex

“What’s wrong with your face? You look like a walking chemical peel gone wrong.” – Evony