‘Lost Girl’ Recap: TamTam the Tank Engine

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Things are shaping up to be interesting this season. So far, the entire Bo Rangers crew has been separated. Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is shining outside the shadow of our favorite succubus, Bo (Anna Silk). It’s also nice to see everyone have their own unique motivations outside of the typical weekly mystery.

Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) returns to the scene of the crime. Bo disappeared and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) drove him off a cliff. He stumbles upon a child-version of Tamsin (Ava Preston). It looks like Valkyries have near infinite lives and Tamsin has just been reborn as a snarky preteen. Kenzi spends the entire episode babysitting TamTam. It’s great to see the chemistry between them. It makes Tamsin a more likable character. She also accidentally flushes Kenzi’s stash of Jubilee cream. It looks like Kenzi is becoming an addict to sparkly Fae powers. Over the course of the episode, Tamsin grows into a teenager and it looks like she’ll be fully grown soon.

Dyson goes on the hunt for a tracker to find Bo. He ends up at a beauty shop.  It turns out the Fae they’ve been tracking has been kidnapped by his girlfriend. Clio (Mia Kirshner) pops up at the right moment to help Dyson and Hale (K.C. Collins) but not before Hale gets wacked with a special perfume that makes him irresistible to women. This is ironic since he’s been super annoying with his pining over Kenzi. Luckily, it works and he and Kenzi share some hardcore making out.

Dyson’s search seems like a fool’s errand because Eddy (Benjamin Ayres) can’t help him find Bo because he’s been a prisoner for centuries. Clio pops up again, very sketchily, to help Dyson find Bo. Meanwhile, Vex (Paul Amos) aka Avatar, the Last Mesmer has been kidnapped by the mysterious Una Mens. It appears that their idea of bringing balance to the Fae involves a ton of violence and destruction. They are punishing Vex for the missing Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier). They decide that as the last Mesmer he has too much power to live. He promises to get them Bo. He calls Clio and negotiates for Bo’s rescue.

The whole episode Bo is trapped on a mysterious train. When the spell broke last episode, it looks like her memory returned. She subdues the Wander’s random chambermaid and escapes from the train. This is great because the train subplot is pretty lame and uninteresting.

Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is living in Bumblef**k, Nowhere as a really bad waitress. Despite multiple doctorates, she can’t seem to bring plates to tables without making a mess. She also has an insanely flirtatious boss, Crystal (Ali Liebert). Crystal catches Lauren saving a Fae choking in the diner and Lauren spends the episode trying to remove the evidence. It looks like there’s some lady lovin’ in the near future.

Trick (Richard Howland) is being super sketch. It’s unclear what happened between him and Aife (Inga Cadranel) last episode but it ended with some blood on a photo of Bo. Hopefully, she will be around because she is one of the best characters on the show. However, since Cadranel is a cast member on Orphan Black, she may only be available for the occasional guest spot.

Kenzi’s Best Line of the Night

Shhhhh! It took like 5 Avril Lavigne songs to get Baby TamTam a ticket to playtime land. You wake her, Sk8er Boy, you’re dealing with her. 


It looks like Trick may not be as above board as we thought. The more we see Trick on his own the sketchier he seems. Could he be evil or even the Wanderer?

It looks like Kenzi and Tamsin are going to be besties. Hopefully, being raised by Kenzi Tamsin will become a snarkier member of the crew.

Dyson will inevitably save Bo but at what cost? Will his interdimensional escapades mean he’ll lose his powers or get killed?

This Una Mens cult will not fare well for the Bo Rangers. It looks like they want Bo, Kenzi and Lauren. They seem to be the big bad of the season.