‘Lost Girl’ Recap: Tearjerker II: Judgment Day

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This episode of Lost Girl is epic! And we don’t mean Epic the movie with Beyonce and tree fairies. So much is revealed, so many shocking moments, and Linda Hamilton reappears as Acacia, Tamsin’s mentor. Remember her? She was Sarah Freakin’ Connor from the Terminator movies. But cameos aside, this episode does not lack from major shocks, reveals, one character resurrected and one major character dying. Things will never be the same for the cast. We don’t mean a random character we mean a main cast member.

Bo, Dyson, Tamsin & Linda Freakin’ Hamilton

Tamsin and Kenzi discuss Bo’s strange behavior. Meanwhile, she’s awkwardly overhearing. But she desperately wants to prove everything is copacetic with the Succu-buddies. However, a reanimated dead body interrupts girl’s night. Acacia appears and reveals herself as a Revenant hunter. A Revenant is a dead Fae, so just a step away from zombie. Although, many see Revenants as corporeal ghosts or zombies that keep their mental faculties. It really depends on who you ask. But since all of this is based in fantasy…we’ll move on.

Bo, Tamsin, and Sarah Connor head to a bizarre swapmeat of the dead. Acacia is convinced Rainer sent the Revenant and Bo is off to find someone else. It’s unclear as to who Rainer really is. It seems strange that this guy from the train is the same person that orchestrated Bo’s kidnapping. Is he responsible for the crazy boob-print of doom?

They visit Harvey, a creepy dude who drinks blood and tracks revenants. They don’t bother to disclose what kind of Fae he is. But he is a huge perv that somehow is in the room when Bo and Acacia get into a major fight. He decides to film it all. Dyson joins the girls and they track down Laveau, as in Marie Laveau the same voodoo priestess from American Horror Story: Coven. If you thought Angela Bassett was stereotypical, the Lost Girl version is a Caribbean version of the bird lady from Zoobilee Zoo.

Big surprise…Laveau and Harvey are working together. They want the Una Mens seed that was revealed last episode. The only way to stop them is for Bo to cut off Laveau’s head and drink the blood…from her decapitated head. #Gross It turns out that the undead power couple aren’t the only duplicitous ones…Acacia showed up to try and get everyone to help her kill Rainer. We also learn that Massimo isn’t dead…he’s planning something. BIG REVEAL!

With the curse broken, Rainer’s face is revealed as he reappears in the annals of Fae history. We learn he’s not the man who hired Tamsin. BIGGER REVEAL!

At the Dal

Trick is staring at a picture of a horse with bat wings. Vex shows up, because apparently the leader of the Light Fae can just have any old Dark Fae show up in his bedroom. They bond over stories of Vex’s father who was one of Trick’s lieutenants when he was king. But Trick is worried about the Pyripuss, which is that evil unicorn of doom.

Bo stops by to talk to Dyson. She brings down the hammer on their relationship. It’s real with Rainer. She’ll always love Dyson but she’s won’t be in love with him. Sorry, Team Dyson. You don’t even get an original breakup speech. Luckily, Tamsin shows up to get freaky with Dyson up against the bar. It’s convenient that the bar is full or empty whenever they need it to be.

Kenzi & Hale

Kenzi gets the surprise of a lifetime. Her cousin Dmitri stops by…with her estranged mother. Yes that’s right, Mackenzie (if you didn’t know that’s her name) has a momma named Galina. Her life on the streets was all due to her mother chosing her fiancé over Kenzi. Surprise, Hale is behind it because he wants to ask for her hand in marriage and wants her blessing. Get the tissues.

Sadly, this reunion is premature. Hale offered Zamora money to Kenzi’s step-dad. Kenzi sends her mother and cousin away and their perfect engagement moment is ruined. But she says she loves him and accepts the ring. They really love each other and everything is puppies and rainbows…or is it?

Kenzi and Bo reconnect over the engagement news. Meanwhile, Massimo is waiting in the wings to bring the hurt to Kenzi. But, Hale saves the day! He gives Massimo an epic siren scream that kills him. But it also makes Hale deaf because screaming that loud will do that to you. But, Massimo can’t die because he has the Twig of Zamora. Talk about getting the smack down from poetic justice. And we don’t mean the movie with Tupac and Janet Jackson. Had Kenzi not given Massimo the twig Hale would still be alive.

Bo returns to find Hale dead and Kenzi grief stricken. Kenzi begs Bo to use her chi magic to bring him back. But she’s unable to do it without taking all of Kenzi’s life force. Then in the most heartbreaking moment of Lost Girl history Bo puts a crying Kenzi to sleep with her love touch.

Succu-Best Lines of the Night

“We called him Mopey Dick.” –What Kenzi called a love-less Dyson

“You had me at A-Hole.” –Kenzi’s take on Jerry Maguire

“Seriously, would I leave a dead body on the floor when her boyfriend was coming over?” –Kenzi

“How is the weather in Rainer land? Dark and stormy? Sunny and shady?” –Acacia