‘Lost Girl’ Recap: The Gills Have Eyes

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Finally, we get an awesome new species of Fae. Crows, opera-singing bird Fae, and gargoyles don’t quite cut it. This week’s episode of Lost Girl introduces the Succu-buddies to mermaids. However, they aren’t the singing sweeties of the sea. They’re still beautiful, but they are a lot more like Ursula the Sea Witch if she was a serial killer. The show also has a fresh take on mermaids. They can psychically control water, liquefy themselves in water, and they cry pearls.

The Case of the Missing Legs

Remember back in the day when Bo was a private detective? With Bo distracted with her new Rainer love, Kenzi decides to distract everyone with a case. Kenzi does her best Veronica Mars impression as she, Lauren, and Dyson help Diana, a Pixie whose legs were violently stolen. They go undercover at an office with Kenzi as an efficiency consultant! It’s hilarious to see Kenzi back undercover in a wildly inappropriate role. A sarcastic super thief in business drag is priceless. She’s also somehow in the course of an episode a shadow thief. It’s unclear what that is but apparently it means she can steal Lauren’s underwear without her knowing.

Kenzi and Dyson go undercover at Alaria Technologies and only interrogate one person, the CEO’s sassistant. His snarky attitude leads them to Darren the CEO who is a merman… with a room full of legs. But they are men’s legs. That doesn’t stop him from drowning Kenzi with the water in her body. He may be a bad-ass SuperMerMan but he is not the thief. He leads them to his sister a mermaid traveling through the building’s water supply.

Lauren and Dyson trap Dominique in the pool. She reveals she plans to kill her brother. Mermaids get magical legs for a year call The Walk which is their version of the Amish tradition of Rumspringa. That’s way better than trading your voice.

However, somehow, Darren has discovered a secret to keeping the legs. There’s another secret…Diana is not a pixie at all but their other sister. Dun Dun Dun!

As expected, given their evil nature, the mermaids turn on them. Luckily, Lauren discovers their weakness: tap water. Apparently, Elphaba-syndrome is an issue for mermaids and they all turn to foam.

Bo and Rainer’s Infinite Playlist

Bo’s storyline has more time jumps than a season of Lost and True Detective combined. Bo is covered in what looks like blood. She regrets something that she’s done. Did she kill the Morrigan? Trick? Did she eat an entire red velvet cake? She asks for her memories back and then Rainer gives her what she asked for. By that, we get to see a few scenes of their time together.

When Bo arrives, Rainer is disinterested. He tells her she can leave, even though traveling without an elemental would drive her insane. If Rainer was removed from existence in ancient times how does he know the song “The Wanderer”? Also, how is he even trapped on a train. Was it a covered wagon before? Why does he have a handmaiden if he’s in exile?

None of these questions are answered. Instead, we learn a lot of what we already know. Rainer is the Wanderer’s real name. He is a renowned warrior because his Fae ability is foresight. This means he’s a super strategist…that’s all. It seems like a missed opportunity. Why couldn’t he be an incubus? Then he and Bo would really be fated to be together. Bo inexplicably brings a butterfly back to life and suddenly they’re in love. Then presumably time jumps forward and Bo recounts all the steps she took to ensure she’d free Rainer, which we already know.

The evil deed they did in the beginning of the episode is kill the Una Mens. Given their unlimited power of multiple Fae abilities, they are outdone by Rainer telling Bo how to kill them. Also, why would Bo go kill the Una Mens with him if she didn’t even remember the details of their relationship? When it’s too late Trick begs Bo not to destroy the Una Mens. All their powers will go into the creepy magic seed Trick had hidden. But he’s lost the seed and it’s in the possession of a mysterious bloody hand. Is it Vex? Aife? Bo’s real father?

Succu-Best Lines of the Night

“I have lied awake at night my entire life thinking of the marvelous mer-day where I would meet a fin-flapping, seashell bra-wearing Daryl Hannah.” –Kenzi
“Climbing the corporate ladder is one thing but crawling though the corporate vent is a dead end.” –Darren the Merman 
:You wanna be where the people are?” –Kenzi to the Merman 
“For a species with no a**holes, you sure act like ones.” –Kenzi