‘Lost Girl’ Season Finale Recap: Say Goodbye to Two Major Characters

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As far as season finales go, this one is full of major drama, two major villains, and two character deaths. However, there is a bit of sloppy storytelling, and a few too many loose ends. In lieu of dangling cliffhangers, things seem to be conveniently dropped or forgotten altogether. But otherwise, we have an eventful hour to cap this season.

Bo must contend with her father arriving priority mail from a Hell dimension. Meanwhile, Lauren is in the clutches of Massimo, who is consumed by Fae abilities that are turning him into the basic cable version of Gollum. His mother Evony becomes human, thanks to some quick-thinking by Lauren.

The End of Massimo the Mother Lover

Massimo takes Lauren hostage. He stops by the Dal to gloat. He wants to kills Bo so he will win his mother’s love. Meanwhile, his mother is giving some major flirty love to Trick. It’s bizarre that, now that she’s human, they seem to be having some major chemistry. Is this foreshadowing that maybe they will knock boots and end the Light/Dark system forever?

Massimo kills Rainer and gets his ability of foresight. This happens so early, leaving Rainer without the ability to play into any of the events of the season finale. It’s kind of cheap to introduce a character and have such little pay off; Rainer was really just a red herring for Bo’s dad.

Speaking of which, Bo takes a break from her daddy drama to stop by and take on Massimo. She tries to steal his chi, but in doing so gives him her ability. He starts sucking Evony’s chi and can’t stop. Bo offers to bring her back which makes Massimo lets his guard down. Then she royally kicks his behind and kills him. She saves Lauren and confesses her love. With Rainer dead it looks like they’re back together. But why were they broken up in the first place? Bo sort of dropped Dyson and Lauren when Rainer entered the picture. Why are they so happy to take her back? 

Daddy Issues of Cataclysmic Proportions

Speaking of Dyson, he declares fealty to Bo as his Queen. Trick finally reveals the secrets of Bo’s blood: Aife has the Light Fae blood like her father, but Bo’s dad is the reason she can take chi from multiple people and heal with it. But wasn’t Aife also able to heal people with chi? This whole quick exposition is a little sloppy and hopefully it gets resolved next season. Plus, where is Aife? Inga Cadranel is on Orphan Black so it’s unclear whether Trick killed her and she’s off the show or if she’s just lying in wait.

Bo’s dad’s hell portal is open and sending out an army of revenants. Kenzi stumbles on a prophesy and realizes how to stop this Hell MouthShe sacrifices herself to save the world and save Bo. It’s an amazing heartfelt moment as Kenzi does a fierce runway walk into the portal. She reasons that Tamsin will take her to Valhalla.

So we don’t get to meet Bo’s dad or see Bo save the world. Instead, we lose the show’s best character. Bo spends the entire ending ugly-crying. Dyson finds Tamsin collapsed in front of a snowy gate. Are these the gates to Valhalla? She tells him Bo must not find the other Hell shoe. Bo talks to Kenzi’s grave and says, “It’s them who should be afraid…of me.” But who is they?

Lingering Questions

What happened to Trick’s evil makeover? Will he pay for his sins? Is he going to face the music for his crimes against the Fae?

Will Aife ever return? If Trick killed her, that’s pretty major and unforgivable.

What was the whole point of Rainer, and why was he significant to Bo’s father’s curse? It isn’t clear who or what trapped Bo’s father in Hell.

What happened to Vex?

What is the state of the Dark Fae now that Evony is human?

How are these people able to travel around? Did Dyson go to the entrance of Valhalla? If so, how did he get there?

What is the significance of the hell shoe? Doesn’t Trick have the other shoe?

Succu-Best Lines of the Night

“Now your only way of being immortal is someone writing a s**tty pop song about you. Hmmm?” – Lauren to Massimo

“What is with all the punching? Now I finally understand what ‘Not in the face’ means.” – Evony

“Champers to the Doctor and her miracle snatch.” – Evony on becoming human

Tamsin: “Well that was awkward.” / Kenzi: “Armageddon can be. Just ask Ben and Liv.”

“B**ch is just a word men use when they’re threatened by the chick in charge.” – Evony on feminism

“If your grandslaughter’s dad is who you’re too scared to say he is, we’re all going to be Bo-bequed anyway.” – Evony’s recap of the problem