‘Luke Cage’ Recap: Episode 3 “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?”

Prepare yourself! This episode is full of ass kicking and Luke Cage badassery. Following the aftermath of Pop’s death, Luke Cage has decided he’s done laying low and starts to take action. He finds out that he needs a hefty load of money to keep the banks from taking Pop’s Barber Shop but isn’t sure what to do. After speaking with Chico at the hospital (who survived the shooting), Cage comes up with a plan to to hit Cottonmouth at his stash houses to send a message. In doing so, he knows that Cottonmouth will gather the rest of his money from other stash houses and locked them up in one secure location: Crispus Attucks Center. Cottonmouth calls the center his Fort Knox because it’s impenetrable with only one entrance, one exit, and heavy security. But he’s not ready for Luke Cage.


While listening to “Bring Da Ruckus” by Wu Tang Clan, Cage makes short work of Cottonmouth’s stronghold. He rips off a car door to use as a shield and battering ram to bust his way into the Crispus Attucks Center. After knocking a few guards out, he rolls out with a duffle bag of Cottonmouth’s cash. He brings it to the guy who we saw playing chess at Pop’s Barber Shop and tells him to take care of the bank situation. Turns out the dude used to do taxes for Pop so he knows what to do to keep the banks from swooping in on the shop.

Elsewhere, Misty is becoming increasingly suspicious of Cage since the Barbershop Shooting because he didn’t sustain any wounds. She starts to suspect that he’s the mysterious bullet proof one man army who destroyed the Crispus Attucks Center. However, her partner Scarfe doesn’t seem to care too much because Cage makes his job easier. In fact, he thinks that the police should be thanking him for doing what the police can’t. Suddenly Scarfe gets a call from Chico who wants to talk to the police about everything, so Scarfe leaves to pick him up. Scarfe buys food for Chico and Chico explains that he wants to do his part in testifying against Cottonmouth. Scarfe takes off his tie. I just assumed  he didn’t want to get it dirty while he eats. Boy was I wrong.


As soon as Chico tells Scarfe that it was Luke Cage who busted into Cottonmouth’s Fort Knox, Scarfe strangles him with his tie! What!? Whoa whoa whoa. Scarfe is a baddie? Turns out that Scarfe was on Cottonmouth’s payroll and goes to him to deliver not only Chico’s body but also to tell Cottonmouth who’s been hitting his wallet. Cottonmouth, clearly furious after losing 80% of his money, decides to pay the dishwater a personal visit and brandishes a baseball bat.


Meanwhile, Cage is grabbing a bite at Connie’s restaurant because of the appetite he worked up from kicking ass. He gives her a stack of cash that he stole from Cottonmouth and Connie’s like “the food wasn’t that good”. Cage explains that he just wants to make things right and Connie thanks him. Then we see Cottonmouth has already tracked Cage down and is on the roof across the street. We believe that he has the baseball bat he was carrying before but no. It’s… it’s a bazooka? What the hell!? Cottonmouth is not playing around. He shoots a rocket at Connie’s restaurant and it explodes into flames. It’s safe to assume that Cage survived but it’s unclear if Connie made it. If not, she will be yet another person Cage failed to protect. I guess we’ll have to find out what happens on the next episode!