‘Luke Cage’ Recap: Episode 8 “Blowin’ Up the Spot”

With the departure of Cottonmouth comes his immediate replacement, Diamondback. The man responsible for successfully injuring Luke Cage in the last episode is also the weapon arms dealer who Shades and Cottonmouth have referred to multiple times. We know that Diamondback is the man who framed Luke Cage and sent him to Seagate but we also learn that they are actually brothers!


Continuing off from the last episode, Claire the nurse manages to “borrow” an ambulance and attempts to treat Luke Cage’s wound. However, Diamondback is in hot pursuit and shoots up the ambulance all the while taunting Luke Cage with cryptic phrases and calling him Carl. However, he retreats at the sound of sirens and Claire finds a nearby women’s clinic to treat Luke Cage since his criminal background makes the hospital an nonviable option. Unfortunately, Luke Cage’s impenetrable skin makes it impossible for Claire to operate on him and retrieve the bullet.

Mariah Dillard, Cottonmouth’s cousin, also begins to descend into a darker state of mind. In the aftermath of Cottonmouth’s murder, Shades helps Mariah clean up and cover the incident. They decide to frame Luke Cage for the murder and bribe Candace (the bottle waitress who was too afraid to go up to Cottonmouth’s table alone in episode one) to get her to confirm the fake story. Misty arrives to investigate and she immediately suspects something is wrong.

She questions Candace at the precinct noting her fear of Cottonmouth from episode one and asks how she became his lover all of a sudden. However, Cottonmouth’s lawyer interrupts the interrogation before Misty can get anything solid. Misty attempts to confront Mariah instead but Mariah feigns innocence and successfully outmaneuvers her. Mariah is also backed up by Misty’s new captain, Investigator Ridley who lets Mariah go. She then instructs Misty to focus her efforts on finding Luke Cage.

Back at the women’s clinic, Claire discovers that the shrapnel within Luke Cage’s body is moving and his impenetrable skin is what’s keeping it inside. Luke Cage then gets a call from Misty who tries to get him to come in for an interview. Luke Cage refuses because of his current injuries but Misty manages to track his location from the call and heads to his location.


Upon arriving at the clinic, Misty learns that an investigation at Pop’s barbershop has found bloody gloves from Cottonmouth’s murder (that Shades had planted). Misty is left with not choice but to arrest Luke Cage but stops when Diamondback begins to open fire from outside. Misty goes outside to take him on by herself but is easily subdued by Diamondback who takes away her gun. However, he is aware of how much Luke Cage likes Misty so he spares her life for future plans and knocks her out instead. Unfortunately, Misty is traumatized from the event and is left visibly shaken.


The episode reaches its climax at a theater where Luke Cage and Diamondback duke it out. Diamondback drops clues of their family past and his resentment of Luke Cage as they fight in the theater. Despite his injuries, Luke Cage still has his superhuman strength and manages to narrowly beat him before walking away. Luke Cage leaves the theater as he begins wandering the streets of Harlem, not sure where to seek help for his injury. Diamondback somehow tracks him down again and shoots Luke Cage with another Judas bullet, knocking Luke Cage into the back of a garbage truck before escaping.