Mark-Paul Gosselaar Returns to TNT in “Franklin and Bash”

mark-paul gosselaarLike the both of us, Mark-Paul Gosselaar has fought long and hard for a place in show business. Of course, you’ll remember that blissful time in history when you could turn on NBC and catch Gosselaar, sipping a chocolate milkshake in that diner with the name that doesn’t matter and staring at Kelly Kapowski. But after his days of playing Zack Morris ended, he seemed to only be cast on shows that would get canceled (like “Hyperion Bay,” “NYPD Blue,” “Commander in Chief” and “Raising the Bar”) or were not worth remembering…let alone looking up on Google.

But today, possibly at this very moment, Gosselaar is doing a little jig in hopes  his newest part, on TNT’s “Franklin and Bash,” will be just what he needs to finally scrub himself of his acid washed jeans and tardiness past.

“Franklin and Bash” is a legal dramedy (their term, not mine) that will follow two street smart lawyers that are recruited to work at a high-powered firm. It will also star  Breckin Meyer, fellow 90s acting champ (otherwise known as the guy who drove across the country to retrieve a tape he sent to his girlfriend of him having sex with someone who wasn’t his girlfriend, in “Road Trip”). That makes for perfect casting, because what lawyer in the universe hasn’t done that, or lied to the school principle?

So with Meyer’s history of poor bookkeeping and sexual misconduct, coupled with Gosselaar’s repertoire of playing legal, law enforcing and mischievous folk, who wants to bet me this show will ease the pain of the recently-canceled little thing called “Law and Order”?

Source: TV Squad