Mark Wahlberg Cried at Toy Story 3: Late Last Night

Hey Jay, how ya doin’? Say hi to ya motha for me. Mark Wahlberg stopped by The Tonight Show to tell Jay how he’s changed since having kids; no tattoos, no pot, and he cries during Pixar movies. Whatta babe.


Jennifer Aniston is patching things up with her old pal Chelsea Handler after the late night host took to the media to denounce Brad’s second wife, Angelina Jolie. After teasing that “any sane person” would distance herself from Handler, the gal pals were back to joking…at least I think. You never can tell on that show.

Two words: Bieber Yourself.

Amy Sedaris is awesome. Kernel is a funny word. Her new book is pissing off crafters all over America. Why isn’t she more famous?