Meet ‘Other Space,’ Your New Comedy Addiction

Other Space

Other Space, the new sci-fi comedy from Paul Feig, creator of Freaks and Geeks and director of Bridesmaids, may just be the funniest show you haven’t binge-watched. Instead of tackling present-day weddings or high school in the 1980s, Other Space is set around a young and inexperienced crew in the year 2105. They’re sent on an exploratory space mission with a less-than-desirable crew when an unforeseen circumstance sends them into unchartered territory.

The crew is made up of the show’s refreshing cast, who shine throughout: Karan Soni (who you may remember from the Aubrey Plaza comedy Safety Not Guaranteed) stars as Stewart Lipinski, the insecure and somewhat incompetent captain of the CruiseBess Rous (Marjorie from Mad Men) plays Karen Lipinski, Stewart’s terrifyingly abrasive older sister with amibitions of her own, with Eugene Cordero as his former babysitter Michael Newman, Milana Vayntrub (Lily, from the AT&T commercials) as his longtime crush Tina Shukshin, Neil Casey as a brutally honest bureaucrat’s son with some serious mommy issues, Kent Woolworth, Joel Hodgson as the ship’s radiation-burnout engineer Zalien Fletcher, along with his robot (voiced by Trace Beaulieu), and Conor Leslie as Natasha, an incredibly beautiful A.I. It’s also worth noting that Casey and Hodgson also have writing credits on some of TV’s brightest comedies: Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Saturday Night Live, and Inside Amy Schumer.

If you still aren’t convinced, please note that Other Space marks Feig’s first collaboration with Freaks and Geeks star James Franco’s far superior younger brother, Dave.

What are you waiting for? Watch below: