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Megan Fox Is Returning To ‘New Girl’ For A Bunch Of Episodes!

new girl

Megan Fox kind of shocked us with her character in New Girl. We didn’t want to like her as Reagan. After all, it’s pretty much impossible to fill Zooey Deschanel’s shoes, but the truth is Fox was actually funny. She was funny in a sarcastic, Jennifer’s Body kind of way (without being an actual demon). She was great, but when Deschanel came back from maternity leave, it looked like her character was going to leave the show and our hearts were broken a second time.

In the season finale, Nick (Jake Johnson) followed Reagan to New Orleans to see where their budding relationship would go. By look of it, it’s going pretty well because Fox signed on for as many as eight more episodes.

Fox is currently pregnant with her third child. There’s no word on whether the pregnancy will somehow be incorporated into season six or if they filmed before she was visibly pregnant. It’s so up in the air but could so easily be written into an excellent story line. Imagine Nick and Reagan pregnant! How would that effect his relationship with Jess, when clearly he and Jess are soulmates, and we’re just waiting over and over again for them to get back together. The possibilities are endless!

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New Girl season six premieres on Tuesday, September 20th at 8:30 p.m. on Fox.


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