Metallica, Jimmy Fallon And The Roots Just Played “Enter Sandman” On Toy Instruments, And It Was Awesome

What comes to mind when you think of Metallica? Certainly James Hetfield’s signature gruff voice, all those loud guitars and maybe some dark imagery like skulls and gravestones a la their albums Master of Puppets andΒ The Black Album. One thing that definitely doesn’t come to mind is a preschool music room and toy instruments, yet somehow, Metallica makes it work. They’re all pretty much dads now anyway, right?

Metallica recently popped over toΒ The Tonight ShowΒ and took a visit to theΒ Tonight Show Music Room with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots. The group traded their famous brand of heavy metal for some lightweight plastic and performed their popular single “Enter Sandman” entirely with classroom instruments. We see some toy xylophones, a couple melodicas, a toy clarinet and some toy drums in there.

Let’s be very clear: when I was a little girl, “Enter Sandman” was regularly played on our local top 40 station, and the song kind of scared me. It’s pretty dark, very serious and really heavy compared to anything my Christina Aguilera-loving, 12-year-old self ever listened to. This rendition reads a whole lot more marching band than metal band, though. It’s pretty amazing that Metallica could make something sound so good using what are essentially a bunch of toys. It just speaks to their immense talent (and let’s be honest, theΒ Roots are so amazing it’s hard to handle)!

Check out the awesome performanceΒ in the video above.

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