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Michelle Rodriguez Blames Steroids for Bad Behavior

Lost star Michelle Rodriguez has blamed her drunk-driving and subsequent bad behavior on her use of steroids.

The star was sentenced to serve five days in a Hawaiian jail yesterday, after pleading guilty to a drunk-driving charge.

The actress insisted in court the steroid injections she had been taking twice monthly to treat allergies to “dust and cockroach resin” made her “manic.”

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She developed the allergies upon arriving in Hawaii last year, where she films her hit TV show.

During her December arrest for drunk driving in Hawaii, she screamed and yelled at officers, at one point daring them to “put a gun to my head and shoot me.”

She had to be carried into the police station because she sat down in the station garage and refused to stand up, according to a police source.

She said in court, “I wasn’t right in my head. None of that verbal behavior was directed towards them. It was directed towards myself.”

About her arrest, she said, “I personally am thankful that I was stopped because of the fact that I didn’t acknowledge my own behavior and how sporadic it was until all hell broke loose in my life.”

While in court, Rodriguez also asked the judge to take into consideration that she only got her driver’s license seven years ago, so she could do a “car-racing movie” and that “all of my driving experience started and was acquired from a car racing school.”

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The actress claims she’s “lost everything” because of her drunken-driving arrest and had to sell her house and car to help pay for legal costs.

When asked why she chose jail time over 240 hours of community service, she said, “I kind of have to go back to my life, go back to making some money. This sort of gave me a hard hit.”

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