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Mike Colter Had To Leave Pregnant Wife Behind For ‘Luke Cage’ Role

Actor Mike Colter had mixed feelings when he landed the role of comic book superhero Luke Cage – because the role would take him away from his pregnant wife.

The hunk had planned to be in Los Angeles for the delivery, but then he got the call he had landed the part of Cage in Marvel’s new series – and it was filming on the other side of America.

“My wife was expecting so we had planned the pregnancy around me being at home in L.A. and so this great opportunity comes my way and I had to go tell a pregnant woman that, ‘Listen, this is a great opportunity, but I’m gonna have to leave and go across the country…'” he recalls.

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“Her emotions were all over the place. Fast forward to today and now we’re OK, but it was very, very difficult to break that subject with her.”

Mike and wife Iva’s little girl is now 16 months old.

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