Mila Kunis And Jimmy Fallon Pretend To Be On A Tinder Date

On Wednesday, the gorgeous and incredibly real Mila Kunis paid a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Among questions about her baby (who can’t tell the difference between a pregnancy and a beer gut — awww), she and  Jimmy Fallon acted out various scenes using Photo Booth. The results are absolutely hysterical.

In the first Photo Booth scene, Kunis and Fallon pretend to be on a Tinder date. Kunis chooses a filter that widens her mouth and Fallon exclaims, “You look totally different than your Tinder Profile.”

“I had my lips done,” says Kunis.

In the next scene, Kunis and Fallon pretend to be old college roommates at a 10-year reunion. Mila uses a swirly-mouthed filter while Fallon’s filter splits his face in two.

“Sharon Davidson, is that you?!” he giggles. “Did you eat a hot pepper or something?”

The pair are unable to contain their laughter.

In the final scene, Kunis and Fallon totally lose it. They pretend to be long lost twins meeting for the first time and have a very emotional interaction — with really wide mouths, of course.

Kunis and Fallon are simply brilliant in their scenes. This is everything late night TV is supposed to be. Watch the hilarious video above!

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