‘Modern Family’ Brings Back Benjamin Bratt, Welcomes New Baby Lily

Baby Lily Modern FamilyBenjamin Bratt (Law & Order) will return to Modern Family this season as Manny’s unreliable father and Gloria’s ex-husband, Javier. This time around, Javier will take a harder stab at trying to win over Manny after he sees how close he has become with Jay; this will naturally incite some competition in the protective Jay, who is probably just as surprised at his relationship with Manny as Javier is.

As you may have heard, Modern Family pulled a Fresh Prince for Season Three: a member of the main family was recast. Fortunately, it won’t be as weird as when Daphne Maxwell-Reid walked into the Banks household as the new Aunt Viv. As you may have heard, Lily, Mitchell and Cam’s daughter, will be played by a new actress. Since the character is only about two years old, she hasn’t had too much development yet (other than her penchant for deadpan reactions and the hint that she may be secretly violent). It is common practice to recast young characters in film and television due to child labor laws (I’m totally guessing here), and Modern Family’s new toddler-aged Lily, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, is already popular among the cast. She sure seems to have grown a lot, which is reminiscent of another Fresh Prince oddity: the overnight growth spurt of Baby Nicky from five months to five years.

Source: EW, EW