The 15 Most Dramatic Moments on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Pretty Little Liars has never failed to keep you on the edge of your seat. The entire show is a series of plot twists that are both exciting to follow and impossible to figure out. With deceit, death and more, the show has kept its audience captivated from day one. 

15. Jenna comes back to Rosewood.

And Shana was the one to convince her. WTF!

14. Ezra was Aria’s new teacher.

Well, this is an awkward start to the school year…

13. “The Lady Killer” episode was dramatic through and through.

This entire episode was spent with our jaws dropped. 

12. Ali was arrested (though we’re not sure what it means).

Is she or isn’t she to blame?!

11. Ella’s boyfriend cheated on her.

And Byron coming in to play the hero? Hmmm.

10. Ezra found out he had a kid. 

Because he wasn’t hot enough already…

9. Mona is revealed as “A.”

We had a feeling she was evil in some way. 

8. Ezra was writing a book on them.


If we were Aria, we’d be pretty mad too. 

7. Ashley hits Wilden with her car.

We knew immediately that this was not going to help the already intense suspicion towards the family.  

6. Ian is found dead by “suicide.”

Okay, Melissa is a little too connected to everything… 

5.  Ezra finds out he’s not actually the father of Malcolm.

This scene shows just how much Maggie’s lies hurt him. 

4. Maya is found dead.

Emily’s reaction was so heartbreaking!

3. The blonde buried in Ali’s grave was actually Radley Patient, Bethany Young.

And Melissa was the one to kill and bury her in the yard! 

2. Hanna thinks she see’s Ali in the hospital.


Hanna could be going crazy, but we doubt it. 

1. By far the biggest moment thus far: Ali was confirmed as alive.

But… wasn’t the whole point that we’re solving her murder?!