These 9 Movies Are Being Adapted for Television

Ever since the Fargo TV series turned out to be way better than it had any right to be, Hollywood has been increasingly keen to mine its cinematic back catalogue to find new material for the smaller screen. The entertainment industry has thrown up some fantastic hits (Ash Vs. Evil Dead, 12 Monkeys, Teen Wolf) and some notable failures (Limitless, Minority ReportRush Hour).

The studios aren’t giving up yet though, and there are still plenty of new TV shows on the way that started out on the big screen. Here are 9 that we have to look forward to or dread. 

1. Lethal Weapon

It’s hard to know exactly what the point of this one is. The Lethal Weapon movies were pretty straight-forward buddy cop action-comedies that were such hits thanks to their writing and their cast (Mel Gibson and Danny Glover). Take those away for a TV remake, and you’re left with… a straight-forward buddy cop action-comedy. Don’t we have a few of those already?

2. The Exorcist

The Exorcist adaptation has exactly one thing going for it: Geena Davis. She’ll be playing the mother of the poor girl stepping into Linda Blair’s possessed shoes (figuratively, that is — I don’t think the shoes were really the problem) in the upcoming Fox show. It’s not totally clear how many episodes they can really spin the story out for before it devolves into a ‘possession of the week’ drama though.



“If you let my daughter go now that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.” We’re taking bets now on how many times per episode NBC’s Taken prequel, airing in 2017, tries to cram in some variant on this speech. My money’s on three.

4. Westworld

No snark this time — this one actually looks good. HBO’s adaptation of the ‘70s sci-fi classic is set in a futuristic android theme park gone rogue. It’s coming from Jonathan Nolan (Person of Interest, brother of Christopher) and while it’s been much-delayed, it’s finally coming this October, and looks set to have more sex and violence than Game of Thrones’ six seasons put together. And, y’know, thought-provoking sci-fi and stuff too. Sign us up.

5. Cruel Intentions

ET Online

This one now looks a bit like it might not happen after all, but NBC is keeping quiet so far. Which is a shame, because it has one thing going for it that none of the others do: Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to reprise her role from the original film. Fingers crossed they find space in the schedule for it.

6. Training Day

Here’s another of the rare ones that looks like it might actually be quite good. That’s partly thanks to having Bill Paxton take over Denzel Washington’s original role, and partly thanks to original director Antoine Fuqua coming back to exec produce.

7. Big Hero 6


Disney’s ridiculously delightful Marvel animation from 2014 isn’t getting a big screen sequel, but it is getting an ongoing animated show on Disney XD from next year. Sure, it’ll absolutely be made with kids in mind — but anything that gets us more Baymax is alright with me.

8. Shooter

That 2007 Mark Wahlberg conspiracy thriller you forgot existed is the basis for this new USA Network show, which stars Ryan Phillippe as a sniper who gets called up to help prevent an assassination attempt on the President, only for it all to go a bit wrong. It sounds like it could be a more serious spin on USA’s Burn Notice, which would be no bad thing at all.

9. The Mist


This is another one to file under ‘Wait, how are they gonna drag this out for a whole series?’ An adaptation of Frank Darabont’s movie adaptation of the Stephen King story, it’s all about a town that gets overrun with a mysterious mist filled with monsters. The original is set almost entirely in a single shop, with the mist looming outside, but expect the show to spread out a bit more when it arrives on Spike next year.