MTV Movie Awards: The 9 Strangest Hosts

In 2013, the MTV Movie Awards locked in the pitch perfect host: Rebel Wilson, the young, hilarious star of Pitch Perfect who already won over the teen demographic in 2012’s surprise a cappella hit. 

But before Wilson promised comedy for viewers, we sat through selection of hosts that only promised confusion. While recent years have trended towards hip comedians (like 2010’s Aziz Ansari and 2011’s Jason Sudeikis), the late ’90s and early 2000s delivered a series of hosts more confounding than how well Seann William Scott wears a girl’s tank top. 

So who were the nine strangest hosts in MTV Movie Award history? Click below to find out! 

GALLERY: 9 Strangest Hosts of the MTV Movie Awards

Stranges MTV Movie Awards Hosts

[Image Credit: MTV]

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