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MTV Surprised Over Pope Court Case

MTV bosses are shocked at the controversy caused by the network’s new series of Vatican-themed cartoons, Popetown.

Bishops from Pope Benedict XVI’s home state of Bavaria in Germany have filed an injunction against broadcasters of the satirical series, insisting it insults Catholics and mocks their religious ceremonies.

One episode sees an elderly Pope bouncing through St Peter’s in Rome on a cross-like pogo stick. Mats Wappmann, a spokesman for MTV in Berlin, says, “We will initially broadcast this first episode and then will make a decision based on the feedback of the viewers.”

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MTV chiefs claim they had expected some backlash to the series but had no idea it would offend people to such an extent.

They have invited church representatives, a youth political party and viewers to discuss the show in a debate to be broadcast after the cartoon later today.

Popetown was originally offered to the BBC in 2002 but bosses feared it would offend the religious public.

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