5 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts For ‘Revenge’ Fans


Back in the day, people used to watch their favorite shows, and they had absolutely no hope of making contact with the actors on the show! They also had no way of sharing their love or frustration over a recent episode with the rest of the world and fellow viewers! Tragic, right? But now, thankfully, we have Twitter. And with a show as dramatic as ABC’s Revenge, you’re gonna wanna know who to follow/stalk, especially when season three picks up. Here are five Twitter accounts every Revenge fan must follow.


Obviously, you have to follow the one and only Emily Thorne VanCamp. Typically a pretty private person, Emily’s been tweeting some adorable photos of her new baby niece, and putting her followers on to some pretty dope music. 


Now if you’re not following Gabriel Mann (the actor who plays Nolan Ross), how are you ever going to see amazing photos like the one above? Mann was hanging out with everyone’s favorite First Lady, Bellamy Young AKA Mellie Grant from ABC’s other hit show Scandal.


This acccount is so official, even Gabriel Mann is following it. How meta is that?


If you’re on Team Aiden this season (and a lot of us are), you need to follow/Twitter stalk the heck out of the über-sexy Barry Sloane. That Twit-pic above pretty much says it all.


Because you have to tweet your frustration at someone! And because they occasionally tweet sneak peeks of upcoming scripts.