‘$#*! My Dad Says’ Recap: Code Ed

S1E4: So here we are again for the fourth installment of a show I continue to loathe, $#*! My Dad Says. And, what do you know? The newest episode — entitled “Code Ed” — isn’t half bad. I mean, it’s not good. But compared to the past few weeks? This episode is worth a million Emmys.

In “Code Ed,” Henry and Ed go on a double date. Henry asked a girl, Amy, out at a coffee shop, and she accepted, as long as he brought his father to go with her aunt Maria. They go out, and oddly enough (probably because Maria is rough around the edges), Ed and Maria hit it off. However, Henry and Amy definitely do not.

This leads to a second date at a karaoke bar and the train wreck continues for Henry and Amy. But surprisingly, Ed saves the day. Rather than letting his son (who signed up for karaoke as “H to the Enry”) embarrass himself singing a stupid love song to Amy. And actually, this next part was pretty funny. And probably the funniest moment in the series so far. William Shatner sang his own version of “I’m Too Sexy.” And it was awesome.

Afterwards, an awkward exchange happens where Ed tells Henry (and into the mic to the rest of the audience, accidentally) that the girl doesn’t like him. This leads to them eventually having a conversation about Henry not wanting Ed to look after him anymore and doesn’t need his “protection.”

Overall, I cannot stress enough how much better this episode was than previous weeks. Maybe it’s the comparison to the terrible first few episodes, but last night’s episode actually made me laugh a few times and had a coherent storyline. It seems like the writing team finally nailed down what they want to do with $#*! My Dad Says. Some of Ed’s lines were pretty funny (specifically: “Promises are like children — fun to make, then you regret keeping them). And, it’s becoming obvious why Henry was forced to move in with his father. The dude is an idiot! Not only can he not find employment, but he’s extremely awkward around women — and nearly every other situation.

Does a positive episode mean that $#*! My Dad Says has a promising future? Probably not (mainly because they can’t have Shatner doing karaoke every week). But it’s nice to see the writers actually do know (somewhat) what they are doing. I’m still really doubtful about this show, but who knows. This week’s episode was 100% better than last week. If it continues at this rate, we might have another decent sitcom on television.

Actually. Nevermind. I think I got a little caught up in the moment there. Let’s just wait and see what next week offers.