Naomi Campbell & Tyra Banks End Hostilities with a Tearful TV Make-Up Session

The tears flowed when supermodels Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks came together to end their 15-year feud on TV Friday night as the retiring Victoria’s Secret stunner confronted the Brit with allegations she terrorized her.

Banks was so traumatized planning the sit-down chat on her talk show she insisted there was no audience present for the first part of her TV summit meeting with her catwalk rival.

Fighting back tears as she introduced the show saying, “Today is a healing day for me and I hope it is a healing day for Naomi too,” Banks brought on her guest and accused Campbell of fuelling a media-invented war of words between the pair.

She recalled backstage tantrums and fashion shows and catty remarks through the years, but insisted a location shoot in Anguilla was the first time the rivalry turned really nasty.

Banks accused her guest of having her kicked off the photoshoot after a spat on a boat.

She told Campbell, “I was very seasick on that boat… and you came and you sat down next to me… and you’re like, `Sweetie, are you OK?’

“Then you said, `I have to ask you something… Do they try to make you look like me?’ I said, `I don’t know about so much now but, in L.A., yeah, they really do, with the short black wigs’ and you got up, pushed me away and said, `I thought so!’

“You turned. You went from (being) the sweetest woman who was giving me vitamins to someone that terrified me on that trip.

“I was told on that trip I was sent home because you didn’t want me there anymore.”

Campbell insisted she never had Banks dismissed, stating, “That’s not true. I don’t have the power of Anna Wintour (Vogue editor).”

Banks also recalled a spat backstage at a European fashion show, when she recalled her rival telling her, “You’ll never be me, don’t ever think that you’ll be me.”

Shocked Naomi retorted, “I said that..? I know the person that I am and I’m not someone to go and give myself away and say that to anybody, I’ve never said that in my life. But if that’s what you remember, I accept that, but it doesn’t sound like me.”

The two models put their differences behind them at the end of the tearful show and sobbed after Campbell told her former rival, “However I’ve affected you or you’ve felt that I’ve affected you I take my responsibility, I must say I’m very proud of you. You’ve been a powerful black woman… Please continue.”

Bawling Banks then stated, “Naomi, thank you so much for saying that… By you just saying that one thing you have no idea what my heart is doing right now.”

Banks ended the show by telling viewers, “I can rejoice because I have made peace with this woman here.”

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