NBC Pilot Adds Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPheeAfter literally charming the pants off Jeff Winger on an episode of Community last year, Katharine McPhee proved that she still looks good on TV. I guess that’s why the former American Idol contestant has signed on for NBC’s pilot, Smash, which is about the production of a big Marilyn Monroe-themed Broadway musical. Believe it or not, the idea came from Steven Spielberg (what?) and will see McPhee playing a struggling young actress who does everything she can to nab the Marilyn Monroe role.

She joins Debra Messing who stars in the new show as one half of the musical duo leading the onstage charge: Julia the lyricist. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a big fan of Miss McPhee, and her performances on Community, American Idol, and in The House Bunny did nothing to change that, but this may just be the perfect fit for her if she insists on continuing her quest for real fame. It’s a little singing and dancing, some theatrical acting and I’m assuming some grade-A drama queen behavior. Yeah, I think she’ll do just fine.

Source: Deadline