Netflix May Offer Offline Viewing Later This Year


Here’s some really good news for everyone groaning about how they can’t binge watch Orange Is the New Black on their next flight (or, you know, because data plans are typically a rip off and don’t let you cost-efficiently stream stuff). Netflix may start offering users a download feature for offline viewing.

This changes all the limits of Netflix. We can now watch Neflix in our cars (hopefully, not while driving because of obvious reasons), or on our lunch breaks, or literally anywhere we don’t have WiFi!

According to Dan Taitz, COO of video caching service Penthera, Netflix’s offline watching option should be available by the end of the year. Though it’s just a rumor, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings did say he was open to the idea. Likely, the reason Netflix has skirted such a change is because of copyright issues with license holders. Netflix already struggles with obtaining licences for certain programs, and it’s definitely the biggest pain for the streaming service. A download-to-go option complicates things.

Netflix is also facing pressure from Amazon Instant and Comcast who offer offline video caching, and need to make up for the fact that data plans have changed since Netflix’s inception. Most data plans have a cap of high speed data, now and many don’t offer unlimited data like they used to. Remember when Verizon was just $30 a month for unlimited high speed data? Yeah, that’s definitely not a thing anymore.

Hopefully, Netflix adds this option sooner than later because anyone who travels knows airplane WiFi costs too much and what are we supposed to without Netflix on a long flight?

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