New Details! Meet Raven’s Kids In The ‘That’s So Raven’ Spin-off


We loved That’s So Raven. There was a massive hole in our hearts when the Disney Channel series ended in 2007, but Disney has recently announced that they’re filming a That’s So Raven spin-off. The Spin-off follows an adult Raven Baxter in her life as a divorcee with two children, kind of like how Girl Meets World featured Topenga and Corey as adult parents. All we can say is her kids sound super cool (maybe even cooler than mama)!

In the spin-off, Raven has two children — Nia, a middle school aged girl, and Booker, Nia’s younger brother.

Meet Nia

Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as far as Raven’s psychic visions go. Nia is having trouble transitioning into middle school and everything gets super complicated when she starts having psychic visions (we bet Mama Baxter can help!). Nia is described by casting directors as “bold, confident and driven.” She frequently finds herself “in over her head” (uhm, seriously, like mother like daughter) and “believes in helping people and doing what’s right, even if it gets her into trouble.”

Meet Booker

Booker, Raven’s youngest child, is described a sweet, naive mama’s boy. Casting directors have said he’s a “true innocent who is in no rush to grow up.” Despite his naivety, once he’s aware something shady is happening he’s “he’s surprisingly adept at turning the tables and standing up for himself.” Casting directors are looking for a “young Donald Glover type” to fill this role.

That’s So Raven’s spin-off is currently in the casting stages, but Raven-Symoné has already started work. She posted this oh-so-exciting picture that got us all kinds of hyped for her Disney Channel return.

How pumped are you?


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