‘New Girl’ Recap: Cece Crashes

New Girl Cece Crashes FoxS1E5: I’m going to come right out and say it: I completely love this show. Not because it makes me smarter or challenges my way of thinking. Not because it plays on specific knowledge I already have. Not because it takes risks in realm of television comedy or because it’s particularly innovative. Nope. I love New Girl because like Jack Lemmon got Walter Matthau, this show just gets me.

“Yeah, he seemed like a really nice European DJ with a face tattoo.” –Jess

There are many reasons I like New Girl, but a big one finally got a full serving in this week’s episode: the hilariously relatable depiction of girl world. When it’s just Jess and the guys, it seems like Jess lives in some sort of unicorn land outside of space and time. She’s just Jess. But part of Jess’ charm is that she is part of girl world – just the less-experienced, dorky side of girl world. She’s the girl that dorks like myself hope we look like when we’re caught doing some weird little dance or humming our own theme songs to ourselves. We hope to God we’re that cute.

Throw that dorky girl into the mix with her gorgeous, man-eater of a best friend and you’ve got a very common girl world relationship. After CeCe drunkenly breaks up with her Euro DJ boyfriend of five seconds, she needs to crash with Jess and the guys because the DJ has taken up residence in her apartment. This is all fine, but Jess is worried that CeCe will get too grabby with the guys. CeCe starts to notice that perhaps Jess is worried that she’ll get too grabby with Nick. CeCe is convinced that Nick is into Jess, citing his tendency to point his feet in her direction as an indication of what he wants. This girly, spastic little chat was pure comedy gold here. You might have to be a girl to get it, but it was great.

Jess starts to panic about Nick possibly being into her – they’re supposed to be just friends. The whole episode he keeps telling her to stop taking care of everyone else and when they’re at the drug store together, she notices his feet keep pointing at her. Naturally, she runs in circles around him until he’s thoroughly confused and then freaks out in the car and goes running down the street like a crazy person. He spends an hour looking for her and CeCe is convinced this means he’s into Jess, which leads to another lady scuffle in which Jess tries to wrestle CeCe to keep her from talking to Nick about his feelings. Once again, classic girl world. Even as grown women. It happens.

CeCe doesn’t talk to Nick after Jess tells her she’s okay with being dorky and moving slowly – you’re speaking to the choir, little lady – but they still manage to share a suggestive and adorable moment while brushing their teeth. With feet pointed adorably at each other, Jess apologizes with toothpaste froth in her mouth, but Nick’s not disgusted – he just gets her. It’s too bad Justin Long’s going to show up soon and ruin everything.

“Are you sheepdogging her?” –Winston

While Jess and Nick’s storylines continue to be worthwhile and adorable, the other guys are struggling a bit. This week was a bit of an improvement and Schmidt gets to soften up a tad, which is great because there’s only room for one Tom Haverford on TV and for a while there he seemed like he was just copying Aziz Ansari’s every move on Parks and Rec.

Schmidt wants to make something happen with CeCe since she’s now staying in his room – oh and maybe because she’s a model and completely gorgeous. Winston tells him it’s never going to happen because he can’t close. He tries a series of idiotic methods to get her to be interested in him, but none of them work. The closest he gets to hooking up with her is the point where she realizes she can tell him to do whatever she wants. The little friendly sabotage Winston runs on Schmidt is pretty great, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen on Scrubs or other buddy comedies.

Finally, CeCe feels bad for sending Schmidt to the roof because he’s terrified of the roof cat. That night he breaks down and simply asks if she can share his bed because he’s tired and sunburnt and to his surprise, she agrees and then falls asleep holding his hand. Here comes the adorable part: Schmidt actually thinks this counts as “closing.” We giggle, but to some extent, doesn’t it?

We’ll see things get shaken up soon enough when Justin Long finally starts his story arc and drives a wedge between Nick and Jess – hey, they’re the will-they-won’t-they couple, we can’t have them hooking up this soon. We’d lose interest way too quickly. It seems New Girl has got a bit of the slow burn approach to the serialized hook aspect, but that burn is speeding up just a little, which is something to look forward to.