New Photos From The ‘American Horror Story’ Set Bring Us So Close To A Theme

american horror story

Remember how we originally said we thought American Horror Story’s season 6 theme would be Farmhouse? While all of the previous teasers certainly made it look that way (mainly the giant farmhouse with smoke pouring out of it), we’re changing our minds.

TMZ has obtained new, exclusive photos from the American Horror Story set that confirm that the show is based partly in American history (I mean, duh! The shows called American Horror Story). Anyway, it’s the exact part of history the story draws from that’s making us think this season could be American Horror Story: Colony, Village, Harvest or something along those lines.

The photos show some creepy cabins, a campfire and a tree etched with the word “CROATOAN.” That might already hold great meaning to you if you paid attention in fourth grade history class, but for the rest of us, here’s a brief history lesson.

Croatoan comes from the mystery of Roanoke (a.k.a. “The Lost Colony”). Roanoke was an English settlement in North Carolina during the late 16th century. In 1590, the town’s governor, John White, returned from a trip to England to find that all 118 members of the settlement were missing without any sign of a struggle. It was like they simply disappeared. The only clue was the words Croatoan, the name of a nearby native settlement, carved into a wooden post.

Now, one could assume (since we have not confirmed the existence of aliens, even though we know they’re out there) that the Indians at the Croatoan settlement were responsible. Still, there was no sign of a struggle, which makes it just creepy enough to inspire a season of AHS.

Since this is American Horror Story, we can bet there’s something a lot more sinister going on than Native Americans taking back their land. Did we mention aliens? The teasers really hinted at aliens. To confirm our theme theory even more, some of the AHS cast have been seen wearing colonial outfits. 

Now, we already know some of this season is set in the past but most of it is in the present. Remember when Murder House included the story of the Black Dahlia? This could be just like that. This could be just a tiny blip on the map of what this season has in store. For this reason, we’re still holding onto the idea of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre homage, and we definitely can’t let go of the idea of cannibals or aliens. Is it possible that every single teaser and these photos are important pieces of puzzle?

Karl Pfeiffer

Years ago, writer and AHS fan Karl Pfeiffer theorized about season four and five and came up with a plot involving farmland. He made a super-creepy mock-up of what it’d look like and called it AHS: Harvest. We’re thinking he had the right idea. Think about it — Roanoke likely had crops to harvest. In AHS world, the people of Roanoke were possibly harvested like crops by, dare we say, cannibals and/or aliens. Ryan Murphy is too good of a writer to miss out on the double entendre there. Seriously, it makes perfect sense when you look at the rest of the teasers for season six.

Has Ryan Murphy created an insanely creepy, uber-elaborate season? We can only say, based on how other seasons have gone, that answer is probably. 

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