Three New Trailers For NBC’s Upcoming Fall Shows

When shows are canceled or over it’s time for new shows to come in. We start that process with NBC’s upfront event, where they show off the trailers for three shows that they hope you will fall in love with, as well as the line up for the Fall season:


The Voice – 8-10 PM

Timeless – Mondays 10- 11 PM

‘Timeless’ follows an unexpected team as the travel through time to find someone who has stolen a state of the art time machine as he intends to destroy America by destroying its past. The team of a scientist, a soldier, and a history teacher must catch up to the villain, but must also make sure not to change history:



The Voice – 8 – 9:00

This Is Us – Tuesdays 9- 10 PM

‘This Is Us’ is the story of a group of people that seemingly have nothing in common. One is a couple (Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia) who are about to have triplets, the second is an overweight woman (Chrissy Metz) that knows she needs to change, a man (Sterling K. Brown who meets his estranged father for the first time. The show follows the three that feels like they have nothing in common until you learn the three share the same birthday and so much more:

Chicago Fire – 10- 11:00



Blindspot– 8 – 9:00

Law & Order: SVU – 9 – 10:00

Chicago P.D. – 10 – 11:00



Superstore – 8- 8:30

The Good Place – Thursday’s 8:30 – 9:00

Eleanor (Kristen Bell) is told by Michael (Ted Danson) that she died. The good news is she ended up at the good place where all the good people go when they die. The bad news is she shouldn’t be there. Eleanor knows she wasn’t a good person in her life so she has to find out why she belongs there in ‘The Good Place’.

Chicago Med – 9- 10:00

The Blacklist – 10 – 11:00



Caught On Camera With Nick Cannon – 8 – 9:00

Grimm – 9 – 10:00

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