‘Nikita’ Season Finale: The End of Division, Mikita, and the World As We Know It

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As the end of the Nikita season finale neared, things were looking hopeful. Even though the President of the United States was dead, and Nikita was taking the public fall for it, the team was together and ready to fight to expose the truth of what Amanda had done. Michael and Nikita were alive and together, both having just narrowly escaped death. The remaining Dirty 30 agents were all dead. Division was (finally) blown to bits and the team was at a safe house. They had a tough road ahead of them but they were ready to get to work. 

And then Nikita ran. She couldn’t put her friends and loved ones “in the line of fire” for her anymore. She left her engagement ring on the window sill and slipped out while everyone was enthusiastically planning a way to clear Nikita’s name and find out just how Amanda got the president to kill herself and frame Nikita (while unbeknownst to them, Amanda and The Shop had actually kidnapped the real president back at the international summit last episode, and planted a clone that committed suicide and framed Nikita). When Alex, Ryan, Birkhoff, Michael, and Sonya realized Nikita was no longer in the room with them, Michael knew instantly what was happening. He ran after her, calling her on her cell, but she was long gone, and her cell phone discarded. He found the ring, and the tears started flowing.

“Mikita” has weathered so much this season, from Michael’s son with another woman to Nikita chopping off his hand. Even in Friday’s finale, Nikita almost lost Michael when he volunteered to have his heart stopped for 20 minutes to kill all the nanotoxins in his body so Amanda couldn’t trigger them and Nikita wouldn’t have to go through with killing the president. When they tried reviving him, it took too long, and when the music started swelling it looked like we had lost another major Nikita player (RIP Sean Pierce, I’m still not done mourning you!). I’m not going to lie, I was sobbing. There was no way after suffering from heart failure for longer than 20 minutes that Michael would survive, and even if he did, there had to have been some brain damage, right?

Credit: The CW

But miraculously, Michael gained conciousness with a witty one-liner that let everyone know he was alive and well, no brain damage at all! Everyone was happy, safe, and ready to clear Nikita’s name… except for Nikita.

We’ve seen Nikita struggle with letting go and working as a team the entire series, and even when we thought she might finally let her guard down with her friends and fiance, she reverted back to Season 1’s Nikita. Setting off on her own will certainly make it harder for her to clear her name, but she never could truly allow her loved ones to risk their lives for her. She always tries to solve her problems on her own, as we’ve seen in many previous missions. 

As we head in a shortened, and final, Season 4 (six episodes, to be exact), we can sure as hell expect Michael to hunt down his future-wife, force that ring back on her finger, and help her clear her name, whether she wants him to or not. But knowing Nikita, and how amazing she is at disappearing, he might have a tough road ahead of him. If he can find her, will “Mikita” ever be the same again?

We’ll have to wait until the final six episodes of the series air to find out the fate of Michael and Nikita, as well as bad-guy-possibly-turned-good-guy Sam (no longer Owen), Alex’s new role as a UN spokesperson, and Amanda and The Shop’s plans for their presidential hostage. Until then, time to go back and re-watch Season 3!

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