No More ‘Clueless’! Here Is Everything Leaving Netflix In February!

With the Oscars and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, January 2017 is going to be over in a flash. In order to make room for new Disney flicks and Drew Barrymore‘s Netflix Original Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix is getting rid of some classics including, Clueless and Save the Last Dance. Here is everything that is leaving Netflix in February 2017. Be sure to keep reading for the full list.
Frida (Leaving February 1)
Salma Hayek, Frida, Miramax, Everett, 031116
The stunning and sensational Salma Hayek starred as the Mexican self-taught artist Frida Pinto in 2002's Frida. The film opens with Pinto at the age of 18, after she is gravely injured from a trolley accident. In order to aid her in her long recovery, her father brings her a canvas and that became the start of the surrealist painter’s career. The film follows Pinto's career as well as her tumultuous relationship with fellow artist Diego Rivera. Watch the film before it vanishes February 1, 2017.
Failure to Launch (Leaving February 1)
Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker star in this hilarious romantic comedy as a man who refuses to grow up and leave the nest, and the woman who is hired to force him to get it together. Watch Failure to Launch before it's gone before Valentine's Day.
Save the Last Dance (Leaving February 1)
Sean Patrick Thomas, Julia Stiles, Save The Last Dance, Paramount, 10021
This classic '00s teen dance flick stars Julia Stiles a naive midwestern girl who moves to the West-Side of Chicago to live with her father and attend an all-Black high school where meets Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas), a pre-med student who introduces her to hip hop. Check out the fun flick before it vanishes February 1st.
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What's Eating Gilbert Grape (Leaving February 1)
Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, Paramount Pictures, 020816
Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio star in this stunning drama about Gilbert Grape (Depp), a young man living in the middle of Iowa who is stuck caring for his mentally disabled brother Arnie (DiCaprio) and his morbidly obese mother. On the cusp of Arnie's 18th birthday, Gilbert meets Becky (Juliette Lewis) who makes him long for a life he does not have. Find out what's eating Gilbert Grape before the film leaves February 1.
There Will Be Blood (Leaving February 1)
Daniel Day-Lewis stars in this critically acclaimed turn of the century drama about the rise of petroleum in California. Lewis stars as Daniel Plainview a man who transforms himself from a down-and-out silver miner raising a son on his own into a self-made oil tycoon. Watch it before it's gone on February 1.
Clueless (Leaving February 1)
Clueless, Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, Stacey Dash
Paramount Pictures via Everett Collection
Loosely based on Jane Austen’s Emma, Cher was the spoiled LA girl that you either openly loved or were secretly obsessed with. Check out the '90s teen classic before it leaves Netflix at the end of February.
Full List 
Leaving February 1
An American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky
An Inconvenient Truth
Black Hawk Down
Bratz: Babyz: The Movie
Bratz: Super Babyz
Charlotte’s Web 2: Wilbur’s Great Adventure
Failure to Launch
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Jackass 2.5
Lalaloopsy Girls: Welcome to L.A.L.A. Prep School
Last Holiday
Mission Impossible: III
Save the Last Dance
Serving Sara
Star Trek: Nemesis
The Kite Runner
The Machinist
The Original Latin Kings of Comedy
There Will be Blood
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Leaving February 7

Justin Bieber’s Believe

Leaving February 12
Grounded for Life (Season 1 – Season 5)

Leaving February 13
Scary Movie 5
The Nut Job
Leaving February 15
Brothers in War
Chris Porter: Ugly and Angry Closure
Exile Nation: The Plastic People
Jack Frost
I Am Not a Hipster
Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Prince of Broadway
Stephanie in the Water
The Man on Her Mind
Unlikely Animal Friends (Season 2 )
Leaving February 16
Santa Claws
Leaving February 17
Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year

Leaving February 19
Problem Child: Leslie Jones

Leaving February 28