Oh God, They’re Rebooting ‘The Brady Bunch’

ALTHollywood was officially out of ideas somewhere around the same time they remade A Star is Born for the third time, but we are in a whole new age of recycling old material. The latest unnecessary “reboot” (sorry, but using a computer term doesn’t make it sound like the future) is a retooled version of The Brady Bunch. CBS has ordered a script, according to Deadline. It is going to be about two divorcees, one played by Patrick Duffy and the other by Suzanne Somers, and they’re going to move all their kids together into a house. It will be called Step by Step and we’ll all go back in a time machine to 1991 and watch it on TGIF right after Urkel.

No, seriously, there is going to be a new The Brady Bunch (complete with updated theme song!) and this time around, Peter Brady has some kids and gets remarried to a lady who also has kids and they have kids of their own. But, but, their exes are still in their lives, so basically it’s an entirely new show. The show is being executive produced by Vince Vaughn, who apparently “came up with the reboot idea.” OK, I’m putting a stop to this right now. No one “comes up with” an idea to re-do a show that has already been done. “I know, let’s bring back The Honeymooners. Oh, let’s jump start My Mother the Car. Know what the world needs? Another season of Magnum PI. While we’re at it, let’s just re-do every show that was ever on TV, but update it.” There, I came up with every “reboot idea” that there is. List me as an executive producer.

Well, this show is certainly beloved and there is a lot of room for it to grow. It’s 2012, so we’re sure it will be very different and better. They’ll probably have a Latina Alice. Wait, maybe that’s not so much better after all.

Now, about that Kids Incorporated reboot…

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