Omg! There Might Be Even More ‘Gilmore Girls’ Episodes After The Netflix Revival


We’re seven days away from the Gilmore Girls revival we’ve been waiting years for. Many of us have wracked our brains with how the series is finally going to end — Will Lorelai marry Luke? What is going on with Rory? It turns out, the ending we’ve been anticipating might not be an ending at all. 

Lauren Graham kind of hinted at the fact that Gilmore Girls may be getting even more episodes!

In an interview with Metroboth Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel wouldn’t call the revival an “ending.” The pair said they’re open to shooting more episodes but “it’s hard to say” if that’s going to happen.

“It’s hard to say,”Graham said of moving beyond the Netflix reboot. “I love it so much that I would just want to do what’s best for the show. I think what we’ve done was such a great piece, this mini-series to me was incredibly gratifying.”

Of course, the stars being ready and willing to move forward is a huge step! Maybe we will get another season if we beg Netflix hard enough. One thing is clear, the stars have definitely been thinking about where the show could go from here.

Graham discussed the timeline of the show and where she thinks the series could go next.

“Amy [Sherman-Palladino, the show’s creator] always had the Sherlock model in mind,” she said. “Some years it’s three, some years it’s one, some years they go back in time. So perhaps we need to go back in time? I don’t know, it’s hard to say.”

Why is everything so “hard to say,” Lorelai? Just spit it out. We want more Gilmore Girls, and we want it now!

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