‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap: Misplaced Memories and Dark Turn On’s

Once Upon a Time Lacey

This week’s episode of Once Upon a Time was very information-packed episode. In “Lacey,” we learned more about who Belle’s cursed self would have been in StoryBrooke, what happened to Hook, and the return of Lost’s Jorge Garcia as Anton, the bean-farming not-so-giant-anymore giant. Read on for all the bewitching details.

Fairytale Land Flashbacks: We’re back in the Dark One’s castle where Belle is still an imprisoned servant who can’t seem to stop crying or find another dress. (That gold dress is classic and iconic, but come on Rumple — give her some sweatpants!) A bow-and-arrow armed thief breaks into the Dark One’s lair and attempts to steal a magic wand right in front of Rumple. What a cute try. Rumple captures his new prisoner, and tortures him in various cruel ways. Belle, who clearly doesn’t want to hear the screaming anymore, frees Robin Hood and naturally Rumple freaks out at her disobedience.

Rumple sets off on a journey to track down the thief an brings Belle along claiming that she is going to watch as he kills Robin Hood right in front of her. However, when they finally catch up with him, they see that Robin Hood stole to wand to cure his dying pregnant wife. Just as Rumble is about to kill Robin Hood anyways, Belle begs him to stop and tells him that she sees goodness in him. Rumple lowers the bow, and takes Belle home to show her a massive roomful of books — clearly this is his bizarre way of courting a lady.

Storybrooke Sneakiness: Rumple breaks the news to Regina that he is Henry’s grandfather, and as a way to get back at him for this messed up family tree Regina gives Belle her memories back — her cursed memories. Meet Lacey: a tough as nails, pool-playing, alcohol-drinking, badass chick who gets turned on by danger—she is who Belle would’ve been before the curse was lifted in Stroybrooke. Rumple is determined to bring Belle back so his plan is to court Lacey and make her fall in love with him. After a failed first date, Rumple realized that Lacey is the complete opposite in Belle and rather than loving him for being good, Lacey is turned on by his dark tendencies and violent temper. Yikes!

Charming and Snow show Emma that Anton’s bean crops are in full bloom and soon they should have enough magic to make a new portal back to the Enchanted Forest and they can start anew in their homeland. Emma is clearly torn as to where she would want to live and accidently alludes to the fact that they all could be gone soon when talking with Regina. (Dumb move honey!) Regina discovers the bean field—that clearly should have been given higher magical security — and looks in awe at all the magic bean. And over with the world’s most creepy and bizarre couple we’ve ever seen, Tamara shows Greg that she has brought “the package” to Storybrooke who will do their dirty work for them. “The package” is revealed to be Hook and all girls everywhere blush and giggle because we forgot just how handsome that pirate is.

What did you think of “Lacey”? Do you think that Rumple will even get Belle back? We’re you excited to see more Rumbelle Fairytale flashbacks? Would you like to see Emma move back to The Enchanted Forest? Cast your spell in the comments below!

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