‘Orange Is The New Cat’: 3 Cat-Related ‘OITNB’ Parodies To Get You Through Hump Day


Orange Is the New Black’s new season has been out about a month now, which means that if you haven’t already binge-watched the whole thing, you’re doing something wrong. People can’t even be held accountable for spoilers this long; however, most of us already finished it, anyway. We’re anxiously awaiting the next season (only another year, right?) and we’re feeling rather emotional.

For those of us who have finished, the only way to ease our pain and an anxiety of the last four episodes is by looking at cute cats. It’s the Internet’s prescription to any ailment. Orange Is the New Cat almost holds us over until we can finally find out what happens when Daya…nope, no spoilers. Seriously, just finish the season already!

Okay, so the parody is just the intro to OITNB, but that song is catchy and we love cute, little cat muzzles. Also, cats in glasses are highly underrated.

This isn’t the first OITNB cat-related thing to pop up on the Internet. Netflix and cat-lovers seem to go hand in hand (we’re walking proof). This cute fan illustration from Tumblr certainly hits the spot. Seriously, look at Crazy Eyes — awww!

orange is the new cat

And look at this episode of Tabby Is The New Cat by the Pet Collective.

Which is your favorite?