7 Original George R.R. Martin Storylines That Were Cut Out Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Fans of Game of Thrones know that there are some major differences between HBO‘s series and George R.R. Martin‘s iconic book saga. We’re all aware now that despite the differences, both Martin and GoT‘s showrunners delight in horrifying both their readers and viewers. However, some of the most shocking storylines that were in Martin’s original story didn’t make it into the final cut of his book and certainly then not into the show. Here are 7 original George R.R. Martin storylines that were cut out of Game of Thrones.

1. Jamie Lannister was supposed to really live up to his nickname, “Kingslayer”.


We all know that Jamie stabbed the Mad King to death, but originally he was also supposed to get rid of his own son Joffrey and everyone else in line for the Iron Throne as well.

2. Sansa was supposed to continue being a wretched human being.


In the first season of Game of Thrones, we watched Sansa’s obsession with Joffrey until she truly discovers who he is. However, in George R.R. Martin’s original saga, Sansa was supposed to marry and have a child with Joffrey, “choosing her husband and child over her parents and siblings.” Thankfully it never came to that.

3. Speaking of Sansa, she was supposed to be dead a long time ago. 


Originally, Sansa was supposed to die pretty early on in the series (after all her direwolf Lady is long gone). However, it looks like Sansa is supposed to serve some greater purpose, therefore she’s still with us.

4. Tyrion was supposed to be as awful as Cersei.


He was supposed to capture and burn Winterfell to the ground. Luckily, GRRM decided he should be an icon instead.

5. Daenerys was never supposed to be fall in love with Khal Drogo.


The Dothraki warrior was never supposed to soften to his Targaryen wife. Instead, he was meant to continue on with his barbaric principles. As a result, in the original storyline, Dany was supposed to kill her husband…which she kind of sort of did anyway.

6. There was never supposed to be a Red Wedding.


Can you believe that we were nearly saved the pain of that monstrosity?! Originally Robb and Joffrey were supposed to meet on the battlefield. Robb was supposed to maim the golden haired king and then die himself. Things would have looked a lot different if this would have occurred.

7. The love triangle to end ALL love triangles.


Um… so Arya was supposed be in the middle of a love triangle between Jon and Tyrion. We’re just going to leave that one here.

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