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Paula Abdul Makes Awkward TV Appearance

American Idol judge Paula Abdul made an awkward appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night, criticizing the talk show host for making fun of her.

The “Straight Up” singer walked onto the show wearing a party hat and carrying a Martini glass and party horn.

Abdul then announced to the audience, “I don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed over the fact that I have a drinking problem.

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“Don’t think I don’t watch your show. Last week you had Ryan (Seacrest) on, and you did this really crazy Paula Abdul impression.”

She had appeared on the show the week before, where Leno imitated Abdul by using a slurred voice.

Abdul pretended to be angry with the late night host as he apologized profusely, to which she replied, “Keep going, Conan,” making a reference to rival late night talk show host Conan O’Brien.

The singer then offered up an explanation for her actions, saying, “You do know everything I said is not true, obviously I’m kidding.

“That’s how I deal with things when I hear crazy rumors that usually start with late night talk show hosts. It hurts my feelings though and it’s not true and it’s humiliating and it’s unfair.”

Leno then asked Abdul about the allegations that she was attacked at a private party on April 2 in the Hollywood Hills.

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She explained, “It is something very serious and I’m really not at liberty to talk about the details. I can say I was shoved down to the ground and I actually was knocked out unconscious, which means I saw stars, which therefore means I didn’t see Simon Cowell anywhere.

“But that’s all I can talk about.”

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