25 Actors You Forgot Were On ‘Malcolm In The Middle’

Hayden Panettiere
Hayden played Malcolm and Reese's friend Jessica who had a terrible home life and hung out on their couch (while tricking them into doing things) for 4 episodes.
Dakota Fanning
Remember when Dakota was a crazy little 7-year-old that stared at Reese and then bit him when he asked what she was looking at?
Emma Stone
Before Superbad or Easy A, Emma Stone was Diane, one of 4 girls who embarrassed Reese and then had to suffer the wrath of an angry Lois.
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Patrick Warburton
Patrick Warburton is one of many celebs to make an appearance in the "Company Picnic" episodes, he plays Hal's new boss.
Bea Arthur
The late Bea Arthur was in the episode "Water Park" as Mrs. White, Dewey's fun babyitter for when his entire family has a day at the water park.
Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon had a 2-part cameo on this series in Season 3 as Meg, a co-worker of Hal's, in the episode "Company Picnic."
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Terry Bradshaw
Terry had a cameo as an ice hockey coach (playing against Francis) in the 2-part "Company Picnic" episode set.
Leslie David Baker
Before he was on The Office, in 2000, he was a cop in "Halloween Approximately", those kids were always in trouble with the law. But in 2003, he came back as a customer of Hal's in the episode "Stereo Store."
Oscar Nuñez
Another The Office alum, Oscar Nuñez was a Ranch Hand in the episodes "Forwards Backwards" and "Academic Octathalon" at Grotto's Ranch, where Francis worked.
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Jennette McCurdy
Another class member of Dewey's, Jennette appeared on the show in 2003 and 2005 as Daisy ( a very paranoid little girl), then Penelope.
Amy Bruckner
Amy Bruckner was one of the students in Dewey's "Special Class" that he mentored, if you might remember, she was nominated for class president as a joke.
Christopher Lloyd
Who else but Christopher LLoyd could play Hal's even more eccentric father? He made an appearance in the 2002 episode "Family Reunion."
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Andy Richter
Richter plays the therapist, Dr. Kennedy, who Hal and Louis send the boys too, but can't actually help them.
Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander plays the super grumpy Leonard, an extremely intelligent man wasting his life playing chess in the park with strangers that Malcolm meets.
Betty White
In 2004, we found out that Lois' dad had a second family and his 2nd wife was Betty White, the complete opposite of his 1st, Ida.
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Laurie Metcalf
Laurie Metcalf played Lois' sister Susan, her parents' "perfect" other daughter.
Tom Green
Another one of many stars to make an appearance in the episode "Company Picnic: Part 1."
Danielle Panabaker
When Reese threw a party, Panabaker's character Kathy McCulskey wound up with a bunch of thug kids wearing a bandana.
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Busy Philipps
Busy Phillips was in the episode "High School Play," in which Malcolm was able to participate in a play and be fawned over by older students.
Heidi Klum
In "Company Picnic: Part 1" when Francis plays an all girls hockey team and Klum is a toothless hockey player.
Michael Welch
This Twilight alum played Dakota Fanning's (another star in the vamp series) older brother in "New Neighbors".
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Sara Paxton
Sara Paxton plays Malcolm's girlfriend, Angela, that he forgets about in favor of her family in "Malcolm Dates A Family".
Lori Beth Denberg
This All That star moved onto Malcolm in the Middle and wrote a dirty story that wasn't allowed to be published in the school paper.
Eric Stonestreet
Before his Modern Family days, he was Phil the exterminator in "Malcolm Babsits".
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Ashlee Simpson
Not a big role for this Simspon sister, she was a high school girl with no name in "Reese Cooks".